Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Party Rock Makeup Tutorial

This was an ambush makeup tutorial requested by my friend, Bianca! :D If you want to party all night long, you definitely want to try this look.. 
Let's Begin:
1. foundation (ever bilena studio finish cream stick foundation-creme)
2. powder (careline powder-natural)
3. eyebrows (prestige brow perfection- brown)
4. prime the eyes (elf eyelid primer)

5. put purple eyeshadow on your eyelids, as seen in photo #2
6. put dark purple matte eyeshadow on your outer V to crease, as seen in photo #3
7. put white matte eyeshadow on your browbone,blend! as seen in photo #4
8. put white shimmery eyeshadow on your inner duct, blend carefully, as seen in photo #5
9. line your uppler & lower lashes with a black gel eyeliner, as seen in  photo #6
10. put black matte eyeshadow on top of the black gel eyeliner and blending it to your outer V up to the crease, as seen in photo #7
11. curl your lashes and apply mascara (estee lauder black mascara)
12. apply false eyelashes on top
13. contour your nose
14. blush (R&B cosmetics)
15. apply lipstick (ever bilena in offbeat pink)
16. apply lipgloss (careline tube lipgloss)

And you are ready to party!!!
:) strike a pose!

Here are the products used for this tutorial:
sorry for the messy background. :p

Dollface cometics in vanity palette

Thank you & keep on smiling:D

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