Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Chocolatey Kisses Makeup Tutorial

Hey all! Im back! I've been busy these past few weeks and I didn't have the time to update my makeup tutorials. But now, given a small amount of time, I did this sweet & sexy makeup look for all of you. Here's my inspiration for this tutorial :D
Let's Begin:
1. foundation (model's co duo stick foundation- ivory)
2. powder (krave's oil eliminator & maybelline pressed powder in honey)
3. eyebrows (prestige perfection brow-dark brown)
4. prime the eyes (Elf eyelid primer)
5. put peachy pink eyeshadow as your base for your eyelids, as seen in photo #2
6. put brown eyeshadow on your crease, blend carefully, as seen in the photo #3
7. put light pink eyeshadow on your browbones, as seen in the photo #4 
8. put black eyeshadow on top of your eyelids, blend the harsh edges, as seen in photo #5
9. put white shimmery eyeshadow on your inner ducts, as seen in the photo #6
10. line your upper & lower eyes with a black eyeliner, as seen in the photo #7 (physician formula's liquid eyeliner)
11. curl your lashes and apply mascara (maybelline express by eyestudio)
12. put falsies on top of the eyes (forgot to bring my falsies T.T)
13. contour your cheekbones
14. apply blush on your cheeks (pop blush palette, refer photo at the bottom)
15. apply lipstick (
pop lip palette, refer photo at the bottom)

And here's the final look:
watch the tutorial here:

close eyes
put falsies for more dramatic look (as for me, forgot to bring one T.T)

Here are the makeup products used for this tutorial:
for the eyes:
for the cheeks:
for the lips:

(September 28, 2012 photo) :)

Thank you & keep on smiling :D


  1. a very glamorous look I love this :)