Monday, July 8, 2013


GOT LIPS??? :*


Glory of New York, is an established cosmeceuticals and cosmetics brand, manufactured by leading USA based pharmaceutical company ACI Pharm Inc. Products are manufactured by natural and organic sources. Proven results of Glory of New York are based on ADME and drug delivery technology of pharmaceutical science. Each product gives therapeutic result that is curative and everlasting to your beauty. Your beauty is our concern, and Glory of New York, is your solution.

Glory of New York will always go the extra mile to meet your market needs. Our goal is to provide superior private label manufacturing services, leaving you free to focus on your are of expertise.

Organic ingredients, Almond Oil Extract Cinnamon, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado, Gold Powder from Honey Bee and Vitamin-E

No chemical, no human fat, no animal fat content.

-It comes in a black matte rectangular lipstick tube with printed silver logo on the cap.
-The name of the lipstick is placed at the bottom part
- I don't like the "#" name of the lipstick.
- The packaging reminded me so much of BARRY M's Lipstick. 

They have the same packaging. Although Barry M lipstick is a bit shorter than the Glory of New York's lipstick. :)
the size of GNY is 3.25" tall while Barry M is 2.75" tall

Also the same product quantity. :)

They also labeled their lipstick with numbers. hahaha :)

I've been hearing good reviews about Glory of New York products especially their cosmetics line. So when I was given a chance to try and test them out, I was really ecstatic! (happy kid!) 

I received 7 shades of Glory of New York's lipstick. (4 mattes and 3 satins). The first thing I noticed is their packaging. It reminded me so much of Barry M's lipstick. It's very classy and sleek. Although I don't like the name given to described each shade of lipstick. (But I think they'll come up with their new packaging design soon.)

When I opened and smelled it, It doesn't have the pungent/chemical scent (which is really a good thing.)

I swatched it first at the back of my hand to check if the color and texture of the product is good. True enough, the color is really pigmented and very rich in consistency. It glides on my lips smoothly and it doesn't bleed. Although it can be drying on the lips especially their mattes, so I suggest you may use your favorite lipbalm before applying the lipstick.

What I like most about the Glory of New York's lipstick is that it's long wearing. It stays on your lips for hours (3-6 hours). Even if I ate my lunch/meryenda/dinner without retouching, it's still there. Pretty Amazing! :D 

Overall, this is my favorite lipstick to use and will highly recommend it to everyone. :D

SHADE # 54



SHADE #495

SHADE #660


SHADE #635

After 3 hours, look! :)
It's still there! :D 

- I like the packaging; classy and sleek
- Long wearing (can last the whole day w/o retouching)
- Lots of shades available (from satin to matte)
- Rich and Pigmented
- Glides smoothly on the lips
- No pungent smell
- NO LEAD; very safe to use
- High End Cosmetics from New York
- What you see is the actual color you will get

- The "#" name of the lipstick
- Kinda drying on the lips especially the matte
- Not available in retail store; you have to order online
- No testers; you can't swatch it in actual
- Some shades are quite similar to each other
- Quite expensive but they're on sale now (P290/each) COOL!

Check them out here:

Check out Bing Castro's Blog here:


Thank you & keep on smiling :D

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Majority of us wants to have a fairer-whiter complexion. We would like to try products that will work best for our skin and achieving fast results. There are whitening soaps, gluta injectibles, whitening pills/capsules, whitening lotion a lot more. But if you ask me, what's the safest and cheapest way to get a whiter complexion? 

For me, it's the whitening soap. And I would like to share to you my thoughts about Dermablend Papaya Orange Soap. :)
(I got an autograph signed by Sam Milby at the Meet and Greet) 
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Dermablend has been in the trade industry for so long, it captured the taste of the market that satisfies the whitening needs of their loyal users. Dermablend Papya Orange Soap is their top product that has a unique whitening effect that also moisturize your skin that leaves you white glow. 

-It comes in a rectangular full spread designed box with details all over. 
-It has the complete information needed about the product. (ingredients, celebrity endorser, manufacturer, logo and etc.)
-There's nothing really exciting about the design packaging. It doesn't give you that "WOW" factor.
-The product is covered with a clear plastic wrapper. It would be much better if they use an Eco friendly wrapper. (onion skin perhaps)
-I like the engraved "Dermablend" logo in their soap. 
-I also like the rounded edges of the soap.

Dermablend Papaya Orange Soap has 2 sizes: 90g and 135g. (I got the 90g)

Dermablend Papaya Orange Skin Whitening and Moisturizing Soap is a breakthrough in superior skin whitening that guarantees not just whiter but moisturized skin. This product contains pure papaya extract that effectively lightens skin, and the full benefit of Vitamin C from natural Orange extract that moisturizes and thoroughly cleanses the skin.

Use as daily bath or facial soap. For best results, follow it's use with application of Dermablend Papaya Orange Lotion all over the body and with Dermablend Sunblock Cream/Lotion SPF 24 when going outdoors.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Lactate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Propylene Glycol, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract Oil

Store at temperatires not exceeding 30 C.

Since me and my mom has the same skin type which is "Oily/Acne Prone Skin", I always wanted to let her try new products as well so that we can share both our experiences about it. So when I introduced her to try the Dermablend Papaya Orange Soap, she instantly said "Hmp! pare-parehas lang yang mga sabon na yan". I laughed and kinda agreed to what she said but I always believe that at some point, there must be something different about them.

The first time we used it, we both liked it already because of the citrus-orange scent to it. It's very mild to use and we don't experienced any harsh/stingy feeling. We continued to used it for 2 and half weeks as our facial soap.

Dermablend Papaya Orange Soap helps improved my skin by reducing the appearance of my acne scars/blemishes while moisturizing my skin with the help of Vitamin C in it. I also noticed that me and my mom's skin feels soft and smooth. It doesn't break us out and no dryness encountered. Although in order to achieve that whiter-fairer complexion, we have to purchase 2-3 more soaps. 

Overall, we liked it and we definitely recommend it to all of you. It's very safe to use and of course affordable. :)

-Smells good; citrus-orange scent
-It's mild to use; suitable for all skin types
-Effective when continously used
-Doesn't break me out
-No drynes/stingy feeling
-Available in all leading supermarket nationwide

-I don't like the design packaging.
-It dissolves fast "mabilis maubos"
-It doesn't deep cleaned your face. (you still have to use makeup remover)

They also have other exciting soaps for all skin types
(photo courtesy of Dermablend FB page) :)

Check them out here:

Thank you Dermablend!
keep on smiling :P

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Roselia Aloe Essence Mask Review

Are you Busy? No time to go to Spa?
Now, here's a lovely way to give yourself a break from all the stress your'e getting without leaving your humbly house. :D

As you may not know, I've been busy doing freelance graphic designs/layouts, makeup activities, video blogging and a lot more. I seriously don't have much time going out to the Spa and spend my extra money for it. (kuripot ako >.<) :p

And then I remember that Ms. Myra Apollo, owner of MyrSkin ( gave me this Roselia Aloe Essence Mask to try and test it out. She said that she's been using it for quite some time and happy with the result. 

So... I placed it first inside the freezer for 10 mins while preparing myself to sleep. (siesta time!)

As I opened it, I carefully unfold the mask and placed it on my face. The feeling was so relaxing and calm. I love the cold effect on my skin and the soothing smell of the Aloe Essence Mask. In no time, I instantly fell asleep. :) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

3 hours later...
I look like a Mummy!!! LOL! :p

I woke up and felt energized. I really had a relaxing sleep. :) Also, my skin was really moisturized and happy. :p
Overall, I enjoyed using the Roselia Aloe Essence Mask. 
You don't need to spend so much money just to pamper yourself. As simple as this can really make a difference. :)

Product Name: ROSELIA – Essence Mask 

Best for: Acne prone skin; Oily skin; Aging skin

• It has full of anti oxidant that slows down the aging process
• It contains polyphenol that helps absorb toxins in the skin
• It rejuvenates skin making it especially helpful after sunburn
• It calms and heals dead skin
• It prevents the collection of melanin pigments and inhibits the formation of freckles and dark spots
TRIVIA: According to experts it is recommended to use a facial mask at least once or twice a week to eliminate the skin disorders caused by the aging process and pollution absorbed by our skin through our daily activities. Doing so helps maintain the skin's youthful radiance.

International Price Per Item: P50

They also have some other masks for all skin types. 
(photo courtesy of MyrSkin)

MyrSkin FB PAGE:

Thank you so much Ms. Myra Apollo!
keep on smiling :D