Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Roselia Aloe Essence Mask Review

Are you Busy? No time to go to Spa?
Now, here's a lovely way to give yourself a break from all the stress your'e getting without leaving your humbly house. :D

As you may not know, I've been busy doing freelance graphic designs/layouts, makeup activities, video blogging and a lot more. I seriously don't have much time going out to the Spa and spend my extra money for it. (kuripot ako >.<) :p

And then I remember that Ms. Myra Apollo, owner of MyrSkin (https://www.facebook.com/MyrSkin?fref=ts) gave me this Roselia Aloe Essence Mask to try and test it out. She said that she's been using it for quite some time and happy with the result. 

So... I placed it first inside the freezer for 10 mins while preparing myself to sleep. (siesta time!)

As I opened it, I carefully unfold the mask and placed it on my face. The feeling was so relaxing and calm. I love the cold effect on my skin and the soothing smell of the Aloe Essence Mask. In no time, I instantly fell asleep. :) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

3 hours later...
I look like a Mummy!!! LOL! :p

I woke up and felt energized. I really had a relaxing sleep. :) Also, my skin was really moisturized and happy. :p
Overall, I enjoyed using the Roselia Aloe Essence Mask. 
You don't need to spend so much money just to pamper yourself. As simple as this can really make a difference. :)

Product Name: ROSELIA – Essence Mask 

Best for: Acne prone skin; Oily skin; Aging skin

• It has full of anti oxidant that slows down the aging process
• It contains polyphenol that helps absorb toxins in the skin
• It rejuvenates skin making it especially helpful after sunburn
• It calms and heals dead skin
• It prevents the collection of melanin pigments and inhibits the formation of freckles and dark spots
TRIVIA: According to experts it is recommended to use a facial mask at least once or twice a week to eliminate the skin disorders caused by the aging process and pollution absorbed by our skin through our daily activities. Doing so helps maintain the skin's youthful radiance.

International Price Per Item: P50

They also have some other masks for all skin types. 
(photo courtesy of MyrSkin)

MyrSkin FB PAGE:

Thank you so much Ms. Myra Apollo!
keep on smiling :D

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