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My RCMA No Color Loose Powder Review

Hello Candylovers! Happy 2014! 

Have you heard of the brand RCMA? Or do you have any idea what is RCMA stands for?

Today I want to share with you my thoughts about this amazing product where I believe you will love when you get the chance to own one for yourself. This was sent to me by Ms. Glyza Reyes of Glorified Make Up https://www.facebook.com/GlorifiedMakeUp to do a product review about it. :)

RCMA Loose Powder is a staple in the industry and should be apart of every pro makeup artist's kit. There are powders for all occasions. RCMA Powder will keep your foundations set and dry without "caking".

There are 6 loose powders to choose from:
1. RCMA No Color Loose Powder- It can be used for all powdering purposes. Since it has no filler or pigment, it will not alter the color of foundation bases. 
2. RCMA Translucent Powder- Pigments added to our NO Color powder for a slight flesh tone.
3. RCMA AF Powder- An ultra absorbent powder designed to work with Appliance foundations.
4. RCMA Over Powder Pure Pearl- For special facial and body shine effects with an overglow sheen to catch highlights
5. RCMA Over Powder Warm Gold- For special facial and body shine effects with an overglow sheen to catch highlights
6. RCMA Dulling Powder- Fine silica mix to dull shine. Avoid inhaling Dulling powder or getting it into eyes. For professional use only!

- It comes in a clear cylindrical bottle with black cover cap on top.
- It looks like a "salt and pepper" shaker bottle.
- The design layout is simple/plain.
- There are no product description indicated.
- Though the packaging looks cheap, the quality is nice and sturdy. (Unbreakable)
- It can be quite messy to use because of the sifter cap.

Actual product on my finger
- Translucent. Colorless.
- Silky finish
- The texture is so fine and smooth.
- Comparable to HD powders out in the market.

- None.

Silica, Calscium Oxide, Talc & Magnesium Oxide

3 oz

RCMA stands for the Research Council of Makeup Artist, created by the late renowned makeup artist Mr. Vincent Jr Kehnoe in 1962 and distributed in NYC. If you haven't know, a lot of makeup artists use RCMA in the field of film, television, theater and up to this day, remains one of the top brands in the industry. Despite the not so fancy packaging, but the quality that it offers is simply amazing. And the value of the product is superb! 

I've tried some good setting powder in the past and I'm quite satisfied with the result until I came across with RCMA No Color Powder. I did not expect that it will be one of my top favorites to use for myself and for my clients. This powder sets my foundation base perfectly without altering the color of it because it doesn't have pigment. It helps control the oil on my face leaving it shine free and matte. Also, it will not cake up and did not sit in fine lines/wrinkles.

If I'm going to set my foundation, I'll pour some product on my plastic bowl and loading my velour puff with it. Evenly distribute the powder by patting it on my face. Remove excess powder with a powder brush.

Overall, I highly recommend this product and you will not regret buying it. Super worth it! <3

Here's my photo wearing makeup for almost 3 hours with no retouch.
Impressive right? :)

- Superb quality
- Very affordable
- Comparable to HD powders
- No Scent
- It will not alter the color your foundation base/s
- Safe to use
- Perfect for all skin tone and skin types
- Will not reflect light in photography 
- Super worth it (you can use it 1 1/2-2 years)

- Not available locally
- The packaging looks cheap
- No product description 
- It can be a little messy to use 

You can order your RCMA No Color Loose Powder at:

Glorified Makeup
P650 for 3oz 

Thank you and keep on smiling :D

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