Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Easy Fresh Makeup Tutorial

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Happy 2014!!! 
Whether you are going to school, work, job interview, special date, this makeup tutorial will help you achieve that fresh pretty face as easy as 1, 2 &3. :)

Let's Begin:
1. Prime your face as always
2. Foundation (Glory of New York Total Coverage Foundation in 210)
3. Powder (Careline Pressed Powder in Tan)
4. For my eyebrows, I used Glory of New York Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown and sealed it with my Look Beauty Brow Perfect in Brown 
5. Prime your eyelids (ELF Eyelid Primer)
6. Getting my Props Palette, load your flat brush with a peach eyeshadow and pat it on your entire eyelids, as seen in photo #1
7. Taking my brown/Taupe eyeshadow with a round brush, place it on your crease and blend well, as seen in photo #2
8. Highlight your browbone with a cream/off white matte eyeshadow, as seen in photo #3
9. Don't forget to put the brown/taupe eyeshadow on your lower lashes to balance it out, as seen in photo #4
10. Highlight your tear ducts with a silver eyeshadow, as seen in photo #5
11. To make your eyes look awake, line your waterline with a nude/white eyeliner pencil, as seen in photo #6 (nichido eyeliner pencil)
12. Line your upper lashline with a brown/black eyeliner, be careful not to make it thick. as seen in photo #7
13. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and Iris Mascara in Black)
14. Contour your cheeks and apply rosy pink blush/peach
15. Contour your nose
16. Apply Rosy Pink Lipstick or any pinkish shade of lipstick depending on your skin tone (Rimmel Kate London in 102)
17. Apply Lipgloss on top (Glory of New York Lipgloss in 48)
18. Sealed your makeup with a finishing spray (Skindinavia No More Shine)

Fresh Natural Makeup
Also perfect for those who are wearing eyeglasses :)

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