Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Virginia Olsen Summer Makeup Look + Review (VOM & ELF HD Blush)

Hello Candylovers!!! I'm back with another summer makeup look but this time I'm going to feature a US brand called Virginia Olsen Minerals. This is actually not my first time using or blogging about this product. I've been using this for several months now and everytime they have something new to offer, I get really excited about it. :)

So just a little background information about Virginia Olsen Minerals:
Virginia Olsen Minerals is pure and natural--containing nothing but minerals extracted and refined from the Earth. It's free of harsh chemicals, waxes, oil, preservatives and fillers. Virginia Olsen Minerals is non-comedogenic, and hypo-allergenic. (https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaOlsenMinerals/info)

For this look, I just played around with their newest eyeshadow collections. (Sphinx, Prom Night & Spring)
Let's Begin:
1. Foundation (4U2 Dream Girl Liquid Foundation in Light Beige)
2. Concealer (Garnier BB Eye Roll On)
3. Cream Blush (ELF HD Blush in Encore)
4. Powder (VOM Powder in Warm Olive)
5. Eyebrows (NYX Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown)
6. Prime your eyelids (ELF Eyelid Primer)
7. Get Sphinx/Gold eyeshadow and put it on your eyelids to inner corners/ducts of your eyes, as seen in photo #2 (I'm also using VOM short shader brush here)
8. Put Prom Night/Purple matte eyeshadow on your outer v to crease, blend well! as seen in photo #3
9. Load your brush with Spring/Green matte eyeshadow and put it on your lower lashes, as seen in photo #4
10. Highlight your browbones and blend it well, as seen in photo #5 (I'm using my VOM Powder in Warm Olive)
11. Line your upper eyes/lashes with a brown liquid eyeliner, as seen in photo #6
12. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Dark Brown
13. Contour the hollows of your cheeks (I'm using my VOM New Sculpting Brush and Jordana Blush in Sienna)
14. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks (VOM Romance Blush)
15. Contour your nose (NYW Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown)
16. Apply lipstick of your choice, just make sure that it matches your blush (I'm using ELF HD Blush in Encore)

And you're done! :) 
Simple, Quick & Easy! :D
you can watch my video tutorial here:

Here are the makeup products used for this tutorial:

For my eyebrows and contouring my nose (just make sure you are light handed)

Virginia Olsen Minerals newest eyeshadows in Sphinx, Prom Night & Spring. 
Sphinx is a yellow/gold shimmery eyeshadow
Prom Night is a deep purple matte eyeshadow
Spring is also a deep green matte eyeshadow

Pigmented- especially when you used an eye primer.
Affordable- for only P150.00
They have some gorgeous unique colors
NO Lifespan.
Safe for all skin types
Packaging is sleek and sturdy

Eyeshadow fall out
You can only purchase them online 

Check out my VOM Summer Product Launch here:

This is my favorite contour blush as of the moment, it's the Jordana blush in Sienna. I bought it at Dollar Store, Shoppesville Greenhills for only P99.00. The color is kinda peachy-brown matte powder that is suitable for light to medium skintone. 

I liked to use it together with my VOM new sculpting brush for contouring the hollows of my cheeks, temples and jawlines. The brush is super nice, soft and easy to use. It's perfect for giving your face a natural sculpted look. :)

Finally, got myself this ELF HD Blush in the shade of Encore. I bought it at Greenhills Tiangge for P200. This was actually introduced to me by my fellow youtuber/friend Shebby of Shebbychic. 
First of all, I like the packaging of this blush, it's sleek, compact and hygienic. It comes in a clear plastic tube with a black pump and a tube cap. The color that you see in the tube is the actual color that you will get. When using this blush, pump a small amount of product and use your fingers or stipple brush to apply it on your cheeks in a tapping motion and blend in. You can even use it for your lips. 

The HD blush is rich and creamy. It's super pigmented and long wearing. A little goes a long way so be sure to get a small amount of product only. It doesn't have a scent and is very safe for all skin types. 

Although the downside of this product are:
It's not available in all ELF kiosks/stalls here in the Philippines.
There are only 4 shades available (Encore, Showstopper, Headliner & Superstar).
It's kinda tricky to use, especially if you are not that familiar in using this kind of blush

But overall, I really like it and I highly recommend it. For it's price and quality value, it's totally worth it. :)

If you want to check out Virginia Olsen Minerals:

Also, check out my vlog about Virginia Olsen Minerals here:

Thank you so much & keep on smiling :)


  1. I love the eye make-up. Great job.

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. thank you so much sis jenniya! :D take care and God bless!

  2. I've been looking for that elf hd blush for ages now, sa greenhills lang pala meron! :D saan nyo po specifically nabili sa greenhills yung blush? will be waiting for your reply po, oh now i'm excited! :D

    1. Hi sis jaysille! :D omg! im sor sorry for the late reply, my internet connection was so bad these past few days. :( btw, I dont know what's the name of the store, and where it is located, every month kasi ngchachange din sila ng mga pwesto eh. but rest assured sa may tiangge na malapit sa vmall area. :)