Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A BONNÉ Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam+Lycopene 7 Day Skin Challenge

Hello Candylovers!! I'm back with another product review and this time it's the new facial foam from a brand called A BONNÉ. 
I was one of those lucky winners who joined the first blog giveaway of Ms. CJ Escuadro aka Pinay on the loose And I'm really excited to try the 7 day skin challenge and see for myself if it really works.
A BONNÉ Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam+Lycopene
An innovative facial cleanser complete with nourishment. A BONNÉ Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam is formulated with Lycopene to deep-clean facial skin, and contains natural essences to give you lightened, clear and smooth skin with a healthy glow.
MILK PROTEIN moisturizes skin, rendering it irresistibly soft, smooth and supple.
NANOWHITE GLUTATHIONE reduces dark spots and slows down pigmentation; lightens skin tone naturally.
KOJIC prevents melanin formation, conditions skin so that freckles and dark spots gradually fade away, revealing clearer skin.
TOMATO EXTRACT is rich with LYCOPENE, which fights free radicals, prevents wrinkles, keeping skin soft and smooth. 

These were the items sent to me by A BONNÉ/Pinayontheloose.
It comes in an eco canvas bag with A BONNÉ Miracle Spa Facial Foam & A BONNÉ Yogurt Milk Cream Soap. 

We actually have to start the challenge on a specific date but unfortunately in my case I didn't get to. My Auntie forgot to gave it to me until I asked her if she received any package for me. (1 week late) :p

So before heading to my 7 day skin challenge, would like to do a quick review about this product.
The packaging comes in a squeezable plastic bottom tube with a pink opening cap. It has a white background with designs & details all over the place. It looks cluttered and very busy especially the back part of it. 
Although I'm having a hard time reading the description of the product, I must give them the credit of having a complete information. :)

I did take the 7 day skin challenge last April 25. 
The first time I used it, I was really amazed by the rich and creamy consistency it has. A little amount of product is enough to clean your face and neck. The texture is so soft and it glides on my face smoothly. I enjoyed washing my face with this product because it really gives you that deep cleaned face without the stingy/tight feeling. I also like the fact that it has a nice scent to it.

So, this is my before and after photos :p
On the left photo, you will notice that I don't have a flawless skin and have a lot blemishes/dark spots. 
Then after using A BONNÉ Miracle Spa Facial Foam for 7 days, it did whitened my face and lightened my blemishes/dark spots. Also notice that my eyebrow tattoo kinda lightened too. :p (I don't know if I'll be happy about it or not, hihi!)
Although, I still need to continue using it to achieve that clear smooth skin with a healthy glow.

- Rich & Creamy texture
- Smells so good
- Very soft on my skin
- Glides smoothly
- No stingy/tight feeling
- Feels so fresh and clean
- Safe for all skin types
- Effective
- For long term use
- Affordable

- Design Packaging
- Not available in some market/stores.

Overall, I love it and will highly recommend it to everyone. :)
Btw, I will be reviewing A BONNÉ Yogurt Cream Milk Soap soon. 

Check out A BONNÉ Miracle Spa Facial Foam here:

Thank you & keep on smiling :D 


  1. na try ko to sis. kahit 1 day mo lang ginamit. makinis sa balat and soft talaga. pati sister ko sabi din na nag whiwhite daw dark spots..

    1. wowww... ang bilis ng effect sayo sis camz, nice! :D

  2. Effective talaga sa pag lighten ng dark spot meron akong 4 darkspots dahit sa pimple ko after ko gamitin to cguro mga 2 weeks as in nawala na xa..

    1. nice!!! :D sakin din nglighten yung darkspots eh. :) At ang bango pa niyang gamitin. hihihi

  3. nagulat kaya ako sis heheh normally mga 2months talaga mawala ung darkspots ko kasi wala na kong ginagamit na whitening mula sa cleanser to moisturizer.. pinofocus ko lang ung pag apply mismo sa darkpots. hihi yeah super love ko din ung amoy nya =)