Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Hello Candylovers!!! Happy Halloween! I decided to do a "Vampire" makeup look since everyone's telling me to do my own version of it. :) A big thank you to my mom for my customized fangs! (i can wear it anytime, anywhere) hahaha :D
Let's Begin:
1. Foundation (Mememe Flawless Cream Foundation in Porcelain Pure)
2. Powder (Barry M Translucent Powder)
3. Eyebrows (NYX Eyebrow Kit in Dark Brown)
4. Prime the eyes (Mary Kay's Cream Eyeshadow in Cherry Cola)
5. Put the Maple Walnut on your crease & lower lashes, blend well! as seen in photo #2 (Mary Kay's Maple Walnut)
6. Put the Silver Grey eyeshadow on your eyelids, as seen in photo #3 (Mememe smokey eyes trio)
7. Line your eyes with a black cream eyeliner, extending the line on the inner part of your ducts, as seen in photo #4 (Eyetex cream liner in black)
8. Put the black eyeshadow on top of the cream liner, as seen in photo #6 (Mememe smokey eyes trio in black)
9. Load your brush with the silver grey eyeshadow to define your outer v, blend well. as seen in photo #7
10. Put the white eyeshadow on your browbones, as seen in photo #8 (Mememe smokey eyes trio in white)
11. Put the purple eyeshadow on your lower lashes, as seen in photo #9 (Sephora pantone universe palette)
12. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (Wet n wild mega pump in indigo black)
13. Apply full falsies on top of your eyelashes
14. Contour your nose and cheeks (NYX dark brown powder)
15. Highlight the apples of your cheeks (Pop Beauty Eye Cake in Peaches)
16. Apply Purple/Deep Red lipstick (Miners matte effect in vixen)
17. Apply Bright Red lipstick on the center part of your lips (Ever Bilena Matte in Scarlet)
18. Take whatever left in your lip brush and create a blood effect on the side of your lips.
19. Get your fave red lipgloss and put it on top of the blood effect.

And you're ready for halloween
put some contact lenses for more dramatic look 
you can watch my video makeup tutorial here:

Here are the makeup products used for this tutorial:
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Miners Matte Effect, Mememe flawless & Barry M products are available at:

Pop Beauty Eye Cake & Eyetex Cream Eyeliner are available at:
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Thank you & keep on smiling :D


  1. super great job!! its scarry but seductive!! ^_~

  2. @Janet: thank you so much sis! :D kilig! take care and God bless

  3. hello po :) do you remember me? Khai from May I ask po for your email address or any contact information? I would like to invite you to an event :) You can email me at :)

  4. @totallykhai: hi sis! yes, emailed you already. :D thank you! :D