Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Avant Garde Bird Makeup Tutorial

Hello Candylovers!!! This was actually my "Avant Garde Bird Finals Look" for my makeup school last year. Enjoy! :)
Let's Begin:
1. Foundation (Mememe Flawless Cream Foundation in Porcelain Pure)
2. Concealer (Wet n Wild Cover All Liquid Concealer)
3. Powder (Krave Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrating)
4. Eyebrows (Sephora Pantone Universe in Black/Dark Blue)
5. Prime the eyes (NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
6. Put the blue eyeshadow on inner part of the eyes to browbones and lower eyes, as seen in photo #2
7. Put purple eyeshadow on the middle part of your browbones to outer part of the eyes and also on the middle part of your lower eyes, blend carefully, creating that beautiful gradient effect, as seen in photo #3
8. Put the pink eyeshadow on the upper and lower outer part of the eyes, blend! as seen in photo #4
9. Line your eyes with a black liquid eyeliner, extending the line on the outer part of the eyes, as seen in photo #5&6
10. Line your crease with a black liquid eyeliner, as seen in photo #7 (Limecrime Uniliner in Quill)
11. Draw some random lines on your eyelids, as seen in photo #8
12. Line the white or blank part with a white liquid eyeliner, as seen in photo #9 (Limecrime Uniliner in Lunar Sea)
13. Re-apply the blue/puple/pink eyeshadows on the lower part of your eyes for more dramatic look.
14. Curl your lashes and apply loads of mascara (Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler & Wet n Wild Mega Pump Mascara in Indigo Black)
15. Apply Full Falsies on top of your lashes
16. Contour your nose and cheeks (Krave Complexion Perfection in Custard)
17. Apply pink or rose gold blush on the apples of your cheeks (Amuse 6pcs blush)

18. Conceal your lips using a concealer (Wet n Wild Cover All Liquid Concealer)
19. Line your lips with a black eyeliner pencil & fill them in, only the middle part of your lips. (Wet n Wild Kohl Eyeliner)
20. Put lipgloss on top (optional)

And now! I'm like a bird..... 
you can watch my video makeup tutorial here:


Here are the makeup products used for this tutorial:

Limecrime Uniliners are available at:
Krave Products are available at:

Amuse 6pcs Blush Palette is available at:

Thank you & keep on smiling :)


  1. Tweet tweet!:) Kaw na talaga sis magaling sa mga ganyan!:) Super artistic mo talaga!:) Love it!:) xoxo

  2. @mitchiekyuti: aww :) thank you sis mitchie! :D hope to see you again soon. <3

  3. Wow you're so good! Love it! It's me Gen from the Snoe event last Saturday! :D Nice to meet you pretty! :) Followed your blog :)


  4. Wow! You are SO talented! This make-up is beyond incredible! I would never be able to imitate this look, even with your amazing directions! I can't wait to read more, and I'm definitely jealous of the future winner of your giveaway!

    Let's keep in touch, beautiful girl!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

    1. Hi Sis Kimberly! Thank you so much for the warm greetings! I just followed your blog, and girl you are so beautiful! :D Yes, let's keep in touch! Take Care! :D