Friday, September 7, 2012

My Katy Perry Makeup Tutorial

It's Katy my Lady! :) 
Let's Begin:
1. Primer (Model Co Miracle Veil)
2. Foundation (Model Co Powerstick Duo Foundation)
3. Concealer (Wet n Wild Cover All)
4. Powder (Fashion 21 in Milk Tea)
5. Contouring the hollow of the cheeks, temple, forehead & jaw (Jordana Powder in Warm Amber)
6. Blush (Mememe Boho Balm in Pink Rouge)
7. Eyebrows (MC Grey Brown Pencil & Brown/Taupe E/S)
8. Prime the eyes (Elf Eyelid Primer)
9. Put a light purple eyeshadow on your eyelids, as seen in photo #2
10. Put a purple eyeshadow on your outer v to crease, blend well, as seen in photo #3
11. Put a violet eyeshadow on your outer v, add more if necessary, as seen in photo #4
12. Put a yellow green eyeshadow on your lower lashes, as seen in photo #5
13. Load your push brush with a deep green eyeshadow and put it close to your lower outer lashes, as seen in photo #6
14. Line your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil, as seen in photo #7
15. Get a deep purple/black eyeshadow and put it on top of the black eyeliner pencil, as seen in photo #8
16. Put a cream/white eyeshadow on your inner ducts & browbones, blend well, as seen in photo #9&10
17. Get a shimmer/glitter of your choice and put it on top of your eyelids, as seen in photo #11 (wet n wild mega shimmer dust in lilac frosting)
18. Curl your lashes and apply loads of mascara
19. Put falsies on top 
20. Line your lips with a fuschia pink pencil
21. Apply light pink shade of lipstick and blend it with the lip liner

And you're done!
(decided to make it more wearable)
watch the video tutorial here:

Here are the makeup products used for this tutorial:


for my cheeks:

for my lips:
loving my Mememe Boho Balm!!!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you & keep on smiling  :)


  1. ate joyce pa follow naman sa blog ko ^_^

    thank you so much ^_^

  2. Thank you sis jan! :)) already did & lovin' your leopard makeup :D rawrrr!

    Take care & God Bless! <3

  3. I like it that you post pics of products that you use :) keep it up. nice work...

  4. @karen: thank you sis! :) take care & God bless :)