Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My CL of 2NE1 Makeup Tutorial :)

Anyong Haseyo! My friend Jaycette requested for CL of 2NE1 (k-pop girl band) eye makeup look. :) 
Let's Begin:
1. foundation (the face shop, magic cover bb cream)
2. concealer (krave's mineral concealer)
3. powder (nichido loose powder)
4. eyebrows (NYX light brown)
5. prime the eyes (Elf eyelid primer)
6. put dark brown eyeshadow on your eyelids, as seen in photo #2 (NYX dark brown)
7. put white matte eyeshadow on your browbones, blend carefully, as seen in the photo #3 (nichido-vanilla pot)
8. line your upper eyes with black gel eyeliner, as seen in the photo #4 (vov black gel eyeliner)
9. line your lower eyes too, as seen in photo #5
10. put black eyeshadow on top of the gel eyeliner, as seen in photo #6 (nichido-soft black pot)
11. line your lower lashes starting at the inner corner of the eyes

up to the middle part with a blue eyeliner pencil, as seen in photo #7 (styli-style-venice)
12. put the white glittery eyeliner on top of the blue eyeliner, as seen in photo #8 (careline-white glittery eyeliner)
13. also put the white glittery eyeliner in between the end tail of the black eyeliner, as seen in photo #9
14. curl your lashes and apply mascara (maybelline xxl prostudio mascara)
15. put falsies on top of the eyes
16. contour your nose & cheeks
17. apply blush & highlights on your cheeks (please refer to the photo below)
18. apply tinted lipbalm (maybelline tinted lipbalm in strawberry)
19. apply lipgloss (clinique)

Here are the final look:
choose your favorite color of eyeliner for your lower lashes :)
and to complete the look, wear your fave contact lens :p
(i don't wear contact lens ever)

Here are the products used for this tutorial:
for the eyes & brows :)
for the cheeks

Thank you & keep on smiling :)

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