Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Moonlight Makeup Tutorial

When I was looking outside my window and thinking for my next tutorial, I saw this moonlight shining brightly in the night sky. And BINGGO!!!! :)
Let's Begin:
1. primer (urban decay)
2. foundation (cream foundation)
3. powder (youngblood HD in warm)
4. eyebrows (prestige eyebrow poder)
5. prime the eyes, I used my foundation
6. fill in your eyelids and lower lashes with a blue eyeliner, as seen in photo #2 (stylie style eyeliner)
7. on top of the blue eyeliner, fill in with a purple eyeliner, as seen in photo #3 (nyx purple eyeliner)
8. put the blue & purple eyeshadows on top of the said eyeliners, blend carefully, as seen in photo #4
9. put white matte eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes and browbones, blend! as seen in photo #5
10. put black matte eyeshadow on your outer v to crease, blend! as seen in photo #6
11. line your upper & lower lids/lashes with black eyeliner, as seen in photo #7 (nyx black eyeliner)
12. put white shimmer/pigment on top of the eyeshadows (wet n wild mega sparkle)
13. curl your lashes and apply mascara (maybelline's volum express mascara)
14. put falsies (full lashes on top & half lashes bottom)
15. contour your nose & cheeks
16. blush (pink shadow of dollface)
17. apply lipbalm then lipstick on top(ever bilena matte off beat pink)

And here's the final look:

Here are the products used for this tutorial:

For the eyes and cheeks



Thank you & keep on smiling :)

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